Our Children, Our Community, Our Future

Rajesh Narayan ~For IPSD School Board 204

Our Children, Our Community, Our Future

Rajesh Narayan ~For IPSD School Board 204

Critical Thinking in the Age of Disinformation

Our Education system should be on the frontline of information war. It should teach students how to spot slippery information and propaganda. Statistics can lie. Image’s meaning can be manipulated.

Thinking critically, fact checking, interpreting and evaluating all the information one receives, wherever it appears, is crucial.  We should make it a core part of education.

Future Ready Education

The world has become more dynamic. The jobs that exist today may not be there tomorrow. 10 years from now, there will be brand new categories of jobs, categories that we can’t even imagine today. We need to prepare our kids for that future. Education system needs to inculcate a lifelong self-Learning attitude in our kids and make them realize that Education doesn’t stop after high school or college. 

Making Learning Relevant to real-life experiences

Traditional education pathways are failing many young people, leaving them unprepared for the world after high school and college. We need to infuse real-world experiences into the classroom for lasting career and life success.

Basic Financial literacy will help people manage money and be fiscally responsible, a skill that is necessary for success regardless of how much you earn. How to choose the right kind of car loan or mortgage can go a long way in a person’s success. Accounting Awareness, Economics Education, Finance Facts, and understanding of tax laws will help in making the right financial decisions. 

Fiscal Discipline

Fiscal discipline is a fine line. We need to spend judiciously without affecting the quality of education and morale of teachers.

My background in Economics & Finance and my corporate experience of turning around a failing business should help me be  effective in this role. Current low interest environment can be taken advantage of to restructure School District’s mortgage, Bonds and other liabilities to bring substantial savings. The savings can be partially used by the School District for increasing the standard of education and partially given  back to the residents in terms of Property Tax cut.

The current low interest environment enables us to have the cake and eat it too.

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